Always faithful.

I feel like I’ve been learning a lot about myself. About God’s intentions through me.

Things that I already knew, under the surface, but He pulls them out bit by bit, showing me a little more of what He means to do.


He’s been working faithfully and continually.

Patiently walking beside me, watching me go from sitting in a hump on the ground to sprinting joyfully to falling down in tears again.


And when I finally learn to walk for longer periods, He just goes beside me, whispering truth and courage.

Even when I turn my face and listen to the wind instead.


Even though my faith has been so small.

My desire for Him so weak.

My weaknesses so strong.

My personal indulgence so high.

My understanding too large to pardon the limits of my action.


My inadequacy always remains smaller than His ability.

And He is always so faithful.