Just Processing

I haven’t posted in a really – and I mean really – long time. Writing has always been so therapeutic for me, I decided it’s time I try whipping out my pen (or more appropriately my laptop keyboard) once again, just to peek and see what all might be pent up in my mind.

I’ve had quite a few changes in my life in the past year and two months, way too many to even try to touch on here. I moved continents (again) and spent the last year dedicating most of my time to one specific family (and getting paid for it, imagine that), living 15 minutes from where I was born, and eating lots of cereal (cuz I genuinely desire it over proper food at least half of the time). I went from the world of at least three cultures meeting in my house on a regular basis to being surrounded by Rush Limbaugh advocates who collectively hated the President. It does test one’s perspective a bit.

Honestly, none of this was bad. Different, certainly. But not bad.

I’m quite content. Actually, I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. A month and 10 days ago I married the man who was infinitely weirder, and smarter, and more complete than any person I had ever imagined myself being lucky enough to find before. He swept me off my feet at 17, changed all my plans, and only made my dreams seem bigger and more possible than ever before. God sure does know what He’s up to.

So this entails another change, another move, another phase of life. Still haven’t really delved into the cooking thing, but slowly starting studying for school again, travelling with the hubby for his work, and having a nice dose of introspective time. Sometimes for me that means lounging in my pajamas at two o’clock in the afternoon, making eggs for lunch, and putting off going to the post office because I finally got inspired to write out my thoughts. I would hardly recommend it for habitual repetition, but it’s nice when you get the chance.

I don’t really know what all this change will mean yet. I feel like I have some time to let that fall into place though. My surname is still in limbo at the Social Security office, rendering my ID invalid everywhere; even the library won’t take me until I can prove that I am, in fact, who I say I’ve become. Somehow it’s nice. This slow change, without a job yet, travelling too much right away to have gotten involved in anything… The change of pace is good.

Point being, I am extremely happy. I am content.

Now I feel pretty done with my little holiday and ready to start (new) real life again. Simple stuff, like running in the mornings again and finally owning a couch.

We actually bought a couch last night, so there’s my start!